Violence against women (VAW)

also known as gender-based violence, is, collectively, violent acts that are primarily or exclusively committed against women.

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According to First Gender-Parity

report, the cases of violence against women have been increased by 20 % in recent years. Incident of Honor Killing, Rape, Gang Rape, Acid Throwing and Burning are on alarming rise.

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It is the recent form of violence

used against women as a tool to harass, bully and torture them emotionally, mentally and psychologically. Various forms of such type of violence are addressed as “Electronic Aggression”.

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A Worthy Investment

It is not a new or surprising fact, that female literacy is positively correlated with lower infant mortality rates. But such facts are hard to accept as they mean changing societal structures to create more space for women in schools and workplaces. We live in a country where women are never a priority for policy

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Law against Domestic Abuse

A report has revealed the horrific extent of violence against women in Pakistan as religious groups continue to fight an “un-Islamic” law against domestic abuse. More than a thousand victims of honour crimes were recorded last year, including a woman who was strangled and “cut up” by her brothers and two sisters shot for their

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