Public-Private Partnership   Recently updated !

White Ribbon Campaign believes on the ideology of working together with government as partner based on the model of public-social-private partnership: state being the prime responsible for social development can provide enabling environment and space and we as a social development organization can implement the development agenda of government more […]

Community Outreach

White Ribbon has adopted the strategy of reaching out to the maximum number of communities. For this purpose, a national consortium comprised of Community Based Organizations (CBOs), Friends of White Ribbon, has been established. It is based on the idea of reaching out to those communities who are geographically hard […]

Legal Awareness

In recent years, many new laws and amendments have been introduced to address different forms of violence against women like workplace harassment, acid attacks, honour killings, forced marriages etc. But still victims are unable to get relief from these pro-women laws because of lack of awareness and that too at […]

Media for Change

Keeping in mind the value of campaigning through print and electronic media, White Ribbon has successfully engaged journalists from all over the country. It provides them with the facilities of a resource centre to enable them to conduct research for their features, videos, articles etc. and hold training workshops to […]


White Ribbon is running the #TakePledgeToday asking men from all walks of life to pledge their allegiance to eradicate violence against women in every possible form. It is a reassurance to oneself that, “By wearing the white ribbon, I pledge never to commit, never to excuse, and never to remain […]

Youth Leadership

The present cohort of youth in Pakistan is the largest in the country’s history with the next up expected to outsize it. To promote a positive change in the youth of this country in this time of rising intolerance, White Ribbon has involved students in various aspects of the campaign […]