Call for Proposals

“Redefining Narrative on Status of Women in Pakistan”

White Ribbon Pakistan is a movement to engage men to challenge outdated patriarchal mind-set and inspire them for providing an enabling environment for women empowerment to bring a positive change in the society for gender equality.

We specialize in Behavior Transformation Communications and Campaigning interventions; practice the Public-Private-Partnership approach having strategic partnerships with key government departments; and demonstrated success of integration of Media-for-Change.

Since its inception, White Ribbon has executed numerous interventions for the women’s rights in almost every part of the country. Under our Legal Awareness Program we have sensitized millions of women about their due legal rights. Furthermore; through successful advocacy intercessions we put pressure on lawmakers to update pro-women laws and to provide more legal protection to women population of Pakistan.

As a result of pooled efforts from civil society, in past two decades, state has introduced many of pro-women laws such as; The Punjab Protection of Women Against Violence, 2016, The Criminal law Amendments on Rape and Honor Killing Act 2016 (federal), The protection of Women Against Workplace Harassment Act 2010 (federal) and others, but on the ground we are unable to find any significant change in the status of women.

Women of Pakistan are still deprived of their legal rights; incidents of honor killing, forced marriage, domestic violence, and workplace harassment are on the rise.

After the analysis of the situation White Ribbon has come up with the conclusion that to eliminate the violence against women from the society, the utmost prerequisite is a transformed narrative on status of women. Only a changed mind-set of the people will create a just and equitable society where women can exercise their rights without any deprivation.

But here comes a hard question; is there any national narrative on statue of women in Pakistan? If yes, what is that national narrative? In addition, if not, then what it should be? Ironically, even after seventy years of independence as a sovereign nation we have no central narrative on the statue of women.

Nevertheless, off course there is a “central narrative” in which Pakistan is seen as a Muslim state, a fortress of Islam, and where an Islamic way of life is (or is meant to be) practiced by majority of  the population.  But do we abide by the teachings of Islam while treating our women? Besides; what our education system along with rural, urban, tribal, feudal, provincial, ethnic and linguistic differences are contributing in this process of mind making.

Narrative approaches assume that people have many skills, competencies, beliefs, values, commitments, and abilities which assist them to reduce the influence of problems in their lives. However, all that we see in our society is a patriarchal mind-set suppressing women from their rights as an equal citizen.

In above context White Ribbon is planning to conduct an academic research study based on literature review to understand the problem and to find out some way forward to redefine the narrative on status of women in Pakistan.

We are looking for proposals from experts for the academic research.

The proposal shall answer the following questions:

  • What is narrative approach?
  • How a nation shapes its narrative?
  • Key elements in formation procedure of narrative?
  • What is Pakistan’s central narrative on status of women?
  • How this narrative can be changed?
  • Way forward or recommendation.


  1. White Ribbon requires technical and financial proposal for the assignment.
  2. Interested individuals must submit their proposal along with CV’s of team members to or courier at 2/11 M Block, Gulberg III, Lahore.
  3. For further details contact us at 0335-4887774