September 30, 2015

Media Alumni Network

Media is an effective communication tool to influence the beliefs and views of the people and achieve a gender balance in the society. With the rapid increase of television channels, there is a need for elimination of gender bias in reporting. This is why White Ribbon initiated an approach designed to sensitize those involved in the media industry. It provides them with the facilities of a resource center to enable them to conduct research for their features, videos, articles etc. and hold training workshops to teach the method of gender sensitive reporting. Disclosing true identities of female victims, showing graphic images of acid attacks, highlighting stories based on opinion rather than facts and figures are some of the issues dealt with in the training.

White Ribbon wants to make sure that movement of gender sensitization for media does not remain a limited activity. To make it a sustainable effort, a network of media alumni has been set up and so far most of the journalists who were involved in engagement process have become active members of  White Ribbon Media Alumni. The main objective of this network is to advocate women’s rights through articles, news reports and features.