May 18, 2017

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 “Redefining Narrative on Status of Women”

 To eliminate the violence against women from the society, the utmost prerequisite is a transformed narrative on status of women. Only a changed mind-set of the people will create a just and equitable society where women can exercise their rights without any deprivation.

In the above context, White Ribbon in coordination with National Commission on Status of Women organized a dialogue to address the issue. In the dialogue renowned experts belonging to education sector, media, religion (scholar), bureaucracy and policy makers talk on the subject to unveil the role of their respective sectors in making of narrative in currant scenario.

At this occasion, Ms. Rabia Javeri – Federal Secretary for Human Rights, Mr. Omer Aftab – CEO  White Ribbon, Mr. Moeed Pirzada – Anchor at Dunya News, Mr. Zia-ul-Haq – Dean Sharia Department IIUI, Mr. Suhail Warriach – member NCSW, Ms. Fariha Idrees – Anchor person and Mr. Zia ud Din – senior analyst were among the panelist.

Mr. Omer Aftab, at this occasion said; the main objective of the event is to create a dialogue in society about role of women in Pakistan. White Ribbon believes that the ultimate solution to empower the women of Pakistan is to break the gender stereotypes. He further raised the question; is there any national narrative on statue of women in Pakistan? If yes, what is that national narrative? In addition, if not, then what it should be? Ironically, even after seventy years of independence as a sovereign nation we have no central narrative on the statue of women.

Mr. Omer aimed that White Ribbon has taken this initiative to change or create a central narrative on status of women. A national unanimity should be develop with state level serious efforts, which shall meet the true standards that religion has given to the women. This narrative shall also meet the requirement of the modern age so a woman can play her role in the progress of the country. He claimed that White Ribbon would continue its struggle for the benefit of women of the country.

Ms. Rabia Javeria, Secretary Human Rights said, “Preventing violence against women and empowering women continue to be priorities for Human Rights Department. We strongly believe that closing the gaps between men and women in health, education, politics and economic participation will contribute to a more equitable and more prosperous society in Pakistan.

Mr. Suhail Wrraich, Member NCSW said; in Pakistan very 5th women is a victim of violence and this ratio is even higher in married women as every 3rd women becomes victim of any sort of violence in her life span. There is a deep-rooted cause behind this situation and that is patriarchal mindset. A joint effort from the entire stakeholders is required to change this scenario.

While talking to audience Mr. Zia ud Din Said, Media is the sturdiest instrument to change the mindset of any society. If we want to change the narrative of population of almost 200 million, a series of strategic and uniformed interventions are required. Our media; somehow needs the play the role of opinion leaders.

In conclusion, Mr. Moeed Pirzada – CEO Global Village Space said all that is needed is continuation of joint efforts. The process might grow slow but one day we would be able to give our women a prosperous and just society. Member national assembly Maeeza Hameed also attended the event.


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