Legal Awareness Program

In recent years, various new laws and amendments have been introduced at the federal and provincial levels to address different forms of violence against women like workplace harassment, acid attacks, honor killings, forced marriages etc. Nonetheless victims are unable to get relief in true spirit of all these pro-women laws because of lack of awareness and that too at all levels. The stakeholders including police, judiciary, lawyers, MLOs and service providers are either not aware enough of new laws and procedures, or lack capacity for effective implementation of women-friendly legislation.

White Ribbon has initiated a nationwide legal literacy campaign to address this situation. The initiative includes review of national and provincial pro-women laws, training and capacity building of key stakeholders, legal assistance to victims and awareness raising amongest women and communities at large. We have also reviewed and analysed laws which need to be amended in favor of women, and on the basis of this, we have made advocacy efforts through engagement of parliamentarians and media for amendments in the anti-women laws.