The highest rate of violence against women has been reported among the large labor class of the country, surviving on the economic and social periphery. Women have to bear the brunt for the economic deficiency since there is no positive channelization for the frustration caused by financial tribulations. The least socially-active group of industrial workers needs to be aware of their potential to bring positive change by dispelling the image that women-related issues are elitist and have nothing to do with their lives.

 White Ribbon  Pakistan took the initiative of sensitizing male laborers and industrial workers through interventions including interactive dialogues. The purpose of these initiatives was the reassurance that their involvement in curbing VAW can ensure more aware, peaceful, productive and rewarding lives. The intervention works in two ways – domestic violence and workplace harassment. Through these dialogues with the laborers we address both these issues simultaneously. The underlying purpose is to magnify the domestic and working life of the worker, both of which present a distressed picture. By putting the pieces together, the workers are made to realize their crucial role in dealing with the issue of ending violence against women.