September 16, 2015

Who We Are

This situation has century’s long deep rooted causes in the shape of anti-women norms and practices in society. These rural, urban, tribal, feudal, provincial, ethnic and linguistic divides together with our education system reinforces gender stereotypes. The patriachal system backed by additional elements; hindering the inclusion of major part of population in progress of country and forcing them to live a dependent and vulnerable life.

In past, numbers of feminine movements ascended to counter the patriarchy on all level of societal infrastructure. On a diverse note; White Ribbon Pakistan is a movement to engage men to challenge outdated patriarchal mind-set and inspire them for providing an enabling environment for women empowerment to bring a positive change in the society for gender equality.

The aim behind the concept of men working to end violence against women is to embed the realization in men that masculinity doesn’t lay in using power against women. Rather, it lies in channelizing this power for the construction of a better future for themselves, their children and the society on the whole. Moreover; to sensitize men that masculinity can be used in a healthy and positive direction instead of violence and sexual assaults; and improved relationships can be flourished based on respect for opposite gender.

We are determined to continue our struggle until accomplishing our ultimate goal of elimination of all forms of violence and discrimination against women from the society through changing attitudes, behaviours and a redefined narrative on status of women in Pakistan.

Omer Aftab